The opening day is set: 4 of April.

TO DO LIST 2012:

New recipes: DONE! We look for the recipes that are “different” form what you can eat on the classic lake restaurant… but keeping the price of our signature CASUAL DINNING.

New menus : DONE! ” MONDINO STUDIO” really worked hard this year. Just look at the website.

Search for the best wines: never ending task, but we got close! we went out of the commercial products you can find everywhere else, and we focus on what makes a wine special, the way it is done, the taste, the body… and we look for the bottles you can’t find the easy way. OUR PHILOSOPHY: a wine has to be really good, it has to be worth to be suggested to people we like. If otherwise, our job is not something to be proud of.

Improvements: We receive many suggestions from our customers, we took some, and we thought big.

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