This Easter, let’s save some Lambs




Was a bit more than a year ago since we decided to found some campaigns to create awareness about animals rights.

The way we see it, is easy:

-Animal are mistreated in the food chain, and they feel as much as we would feel, the hell we are putting them thru. Everybody    who has, or had have, a pet in his house, may confirm that there is a conscience there much similar to ours.

– In the process of feeding animals to then slaughter, we are using enough crops and water to end famine.  Everywhere !

– Meat industry is the most polluting industry.

So,  even if we found a campaign to build wells in Mali, most of our resources are funnel to association who promote a more be lanced scenario, where we don’t feed animals in order to feed ourselves, but we directly  grow our food in more efficient and safe ways.

By promoting a Vegan alternative on our menus, we hope to plant a seed in our guest, and, with time, impact the way things are.

Last year we donate part of the revenue of our Easter special menu to Animal Equality, to help promote awareness of how animals are treated in the food chain, in particular to the campaign ” SAVE A LAMB”.

 This year, strong of the support of our guest, and the good news about a lower consumption of lamb meat in 2013, we are happy to donate the whole profit of Easter Day to Animal Equality.

We won’t save the world, but we will make a whole difference for the lambs that will be spared. 

For more informations, please visit: 

video of the campaign 

animal equality 

Happy Easter

Fabio Gambini & Pamela Mondino

Owners @Vecchio Mulino Beach

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