“Chefs are artists whose art can be enjoyed instantly”, they confirm.

Italian restaurant owner, Fabio Gambini, a freelance photographer and a food lover by family tradition with his designer and marketing experienced girlfriend, Pamela Mondino, opened this fabulous lake side restaurant and bar on 2010.

"It's both: formal and informal", they say. And insist, "everyone is allow to enjoy fine dining in a casual way". In their restaurant you can find a big selection of fresh pasta, unique recipes of Garda Lake fishes and signature sauces for fish and meat, as well as local and organic wines good for every palate. At the end, it's impossible to resist to something sweet, the pastry chef makes dialy typical Italian desserts with a twist.

When asked, "How do you like cocktails?", "It's incredible how fast and far we can travel with just a sip. That's why we decided to have a real American Bar with liquors imported directly from all around the world and all have all syrups made at the restaurant".

"How do you enjoy food?", "I like it with seasonal ingredients and local flavors mixed with something that will surprise me, to me enjoy on one of the terraces of Vecchio Mulino Beach watching the pink sunset reflecting on the Garda Lake with a tall glass of wine", Fabio says. "We are on the search of the perfect recipe all the time. Trying to find even the most difficult ingredient it's owr own challenge. We love to surprise people with fresh, good and different choices of food and cocktails. We are always adding new and really good Vegan and Vegetarian options."

Vecchio Mulino Beach is an unique place by the lake, located in Peschiera del Garda, Verona and it is a must if you pass by the area. The restaurant and bar is open everyday from 9:00 till midnight.

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sorry, the restaurant is close. We’ll open on March, 2018. This winter we are at our Gourmet location in Peschiera del Garda Downtown: La BOTTEGA del Vecchio Mulino Beach. We wish you a nice winter. Stay warm!

Write us an email to keep in touch. We are working on new recipes and on new products for our Bottega.