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Getting married?, we have an idea! Call us and we can bring our vintage FoodTruck to prepare amazing cocktails and appetizers across the church. This can be the most original event you’ve ever had… Making a party or opening a new place? Call us again, and we will provide food and drinks for any unforgettable and original celebration at any place.

Introducing: STREETS, a catering and street food program by Vecchio Mulino Beach. If you love Good Food, Good Vibe, Good Drinks and vines to remember, please, check out our street food program. We host private events, upon request, wedding ceremonies by the church and public events too.

Our bike cooking station can be personalized with your company’s logo or anything you want. It has a grill where we can cook from sandwiches, hamburgers, bruschetta or it can be used as a dessert station to serve  ice-creams, crepes, fruits, cakes… the choices are endless.

During the summer you’ll find us riding along the beaches of Peschiera del Garda cooking some of our creative recipes to enjoy while enjoying the sun.



The FoodTruck is a vintage Ape costumized to prepare drinks with an on board cocktail station, great for aperitifs, the beginning of an event or just a cocktail bar for your party.

Thinking about making a wedding party? Vecchio Mulino Street Food can offer you a street food program, cocktails and wines to bring outside the church for all your guests. Just contact us and reserve your Ape Truck.

The food truck comes also with a grill and a cooking station to be able to prepare any recipe you can think of: from gourmet burgers to fish tacos, the possibilities are only within your imagination.


During the year, we also participate in events  around Garda Lake, Verona city and its neighborhoods to be along with other street food companies and to let us see in action while giving a  gift to your palate when you try our mouthwatering recipes.

On 2016, our menu consists in a choice of meat, fish and vegan recipes.


As meat concerns, we prepare our in house cooked and smoked with whiskey barrels wood, super unforgettable, an explosion of flavors in the mouth: PASTRAMI. We marinate it with secret species for three days, then we cook it in low temperature for other three days and after that, because is not as perfect as we like, we smoked it for just three hours.

This a super yummy pastrami is served with caramelized onions, pickles and we flamed the cheese upon request (means always)… all inside our home-made rye bread. In the 90’s Meg Ryan had an orgasm in a restaurant by eating a sandwich like that…

As  “fish” choice, we serve our Vecchio Mulino Beach famous Lake perch burger and a fresh tuna sandwich marinated for hours in soy sauce, honey and white wine, then we pass it over a bed of sesame seeds and at last, the we sealed it on a pan for just a few seconds.

Our fish sandwiches are all served in a delicious home-made sesame bun. It’s really worth to give it a try!!!


As last, we as vegan choices we are serving a  home-made hummus, roasted peepers (then marinated with extra virgin oil), black olives and flamed vegan cheese sandwich. And a delicious home-made black bean and corn burgers… always inside our fresh vegan bread.

Find us on Facebook and keep yourself updated on locations and events near you !

Our fleet is at your disposal for your next surprise party, event, ceremony or lunch break. 

Clean, healthy food prepared by our creative chefs who love traditions, innovation and to be among the people they cook for. 

Please, send you requests at: streets@vecchiomulinobeach.com



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