We are really sorry, but this year we won’t show the european football cup. We love sport and in particular football as much as every italian, but we had to draw a line.

Given the way Ucrain is solving the problem of randagism for the European cup 2012,
we don’t feel to support such a cruel behavior by showing the footballs cup.
Even with UEFA paying 4 milions euro neuter dogs and build new shelters in the cities, the dog and cat population is being reduced with clubs, poisons, guns and, if possible worst, by bare hand.
Given the economic conjunction, we didn’t came to this decision lightly, and we apologize in advance with all our costumers that will have to choose to watch the cup in other establishments, but, once we saw the footage of what happening in Ucraina, we realize that there are more important things than money… and one of those is integrity.
We won’t post any disturbing image or link to any support organization in particular, whoever came to this site is smart enough to choose his/ hers own trusted sources of information
Fabio Gambini
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