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After all the buzz about stars and wars, we choose to wish you a beautiful year piggybacking one of our favourite italian comics artists: Leo Ortolani. best of everything Fabio, Pamela and all the staff @ vecchio mulino beach ( and streets )  

It has been a beautiful run, but we had to close down for some remodelling, and to work on our street food & catering fleet Stay tuned for a big opening party on March 2016 best of everything Fabio, Pamela and all the staff at Vecchio Mulino Beach

  Not so long ago, we were at a wine testing in a cantina, big installations, many old bottles were shown, and then… like nothing, arrived the Novarè. I’m not particularly fond of big cantinas, the bunch that think more like a factory, but i was trill to find in BERTANI, a wine that, without pretend nothing,…

We do love ice-cream, and when for the first time we met our ice-cream dealer we were in the middle of a biking afternoon back in 2012. I do not recall that much biking after that…  It instantly became our favourite spot, till the moment they open shop under our house and they were able…

We do love our bread, and thanks to Pastificio Ceresa, our trusted bread dealer from Peschiera Downtown, we can now serve more than just bread.   we serve a bite of local history – enjoy the fortress bread