New Year Eve Toast: 7 tips on how to cheer like a pro

1619323_10153697337620147_1529340560_nOnce you party, do it like a pro.

You don’t want us to teach you dancing ( most of us are terrible… at best )

You don’t want us teach you singing ( trust me.. we try singing and we ended up sticking with cooking )

what we can do, is talking about drinks !

Drinks are fun and, if you drink the right quality of spirit, you won’t be sorry in the morning [ 1: choose quality spirits ], any given combination of cheep alcohol and fanciness will sit you back in the morning, so investo more in your favourite spirits, you’ll be glad.

This year our weapon of choice will be Tequila [ 2: choose your spirit, and choose wisely, then stick with it ] and while everybody can relate when i talk about few run of tequila in the past that ended with amazing headaches in the morning, the spirit is not lost to us. Our love for the craft is mostly given by  premium spirits that are appearing more and more often on the shelves of the ” good bars ” all around.   A premium tequila will keep your night all about having a good time and less about it’s unpleasant effects [ 3: don’t mix – the thing need to be said ] However, jumping spirits like you are playing twister will result in a fast and bad ending of your party.


Back in the days when folks were used to poison each other at dinners for the most random of the reasons, propose a toast was the polite way to say ” i won’t kill you tonight ” and your drink needed to be spilled into other people glasses to ensure that no poison was present. [ 4: It is polite to spill ] The famous NEW YORK SOUR is a cocktail born from love and a spilled toast:  the setting was a speakeasy bar of Chicago, where after the closing hours few employees were playing cards while some ladies were still dancing and waiting around. At the time, a man would drink a whiskey sour and play cards and a woman would wait at the bar for his attention. ( time had surely changed ! ) The cocktail was born the point when a beautiful lady, tired of waiting, sit on the lap of one of the gentlemen who were drinking and play cards, and in the toasting that followed a bit of her red wine, spilled into the classic whiskey sour.  Being the men a gentleman from New York, and being she a thing of beauty, he didn’t ask for a new drink but drank it the way it was…  a sour like a New York man would drink, as a token of love, the  NEW YORK SOUR was born.

When ordering there are few general rules that will help you on the long run [5: measure your peace, the night is young ]

  1. Shots will start the party faster, but will end it as fast as it begin if you don’t know your limits
  2. Carbonated drinks like sodas, and the use of straw, increase the rate your body metabolise alcohol, so you will get drunk faster
  3. Ice is your friend, dilution is not a bad thing, if it is intentional and the drink calls for it.
  4. Choose lighter drinks if you want to keep going.

Cocktails are the cherry on the cake that a party should be, but don’t abuse them… or they will abuse you back ! [ 6: drink responsibly – the thing need to be said ].524387_10200440300763986_846137919_n

We are passionate about what we do, but i think a little culture won’t hurt anybody, so once you decided the spirit of choice, take few minutes to research it online.  After all, the only drink without a real story is water ( arguably ) and is always nice to know what’s behind the label of the bottle [ 7: spread the culture of good drinking, the world will smile back at you ] one of my mentors always was used to say that in a bottle of spirit there are sweat, tears, and the history of many families and that you don’t waste it, you need to learn how to celebrate and enhance it.   I never grasp the extend of what i was told until i research some of my favourite brand history and later on, i got to meet some of the producers.


Every colture has it’s way to toss and cheer: we italian, use the worlds “Cin Cin” if we have to be formal, or ” Salute ” when we are among our friends [ 8: Toss like you mean it ] while in in South America is custom to toast to ” health, love and time to enjoy them ” ( it make perfectly sense ! ). My favourite toast is maybe the most ancient one:” STIGIBEAU” ( stew-gee-bay-oo ) is an old Zapotec toast, reserved for the only drink they had: Mezcal. It means : ” to the life force that is around us ” and can roughly been translated into ” To all the good things “.  A toast i can easily stay behind.  In the 400 B.C.,  the polite answer was “BAKIN ” ( drink ! ).

Whatever the matter you want to toast at, i hope you had a full 2014 and that you are ready for a much much better 2015: ” STIGIBEAU ” MY FRIENDS, ” STIGIBEAU ” !





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