Not so long ago, we were at a wine testing in a cantina, big installations, many old bottles were shown, and then… like nothing, arrived the Novarè.

I’m not particularly fond of big cantinas, the bunch that think more like a factory, but i was trill to find in BERTANI, a wine that, without pretend nothing, can stand still in many occasions and a perfect choice for when you want a glass of red, but nothing that make you think about it.  

introducing the EASY GOING WINE… 

Novarè is easy going, it follows but not overpower what you are eating, and came with an interesting story: 

in September, when the VENDEMMIA start, the grapes are not picked, but parts of the plant are cut. 

By doing so, the “sugar line ” between the plant and the grapes is sewered and the grapes are left in the fields till October.

This practice allow the flavours from the skins of the grapes to pass to the pulp for longer without raising the sugar level, and, by doing so, the alcohol content of the wine. 

Rain, morning fogs, and natural shade keep the grapes moisture till the picking being. 

We suddenly buy 5 boxes for our guest to try and shortly after NOVARE’ enter with both feet in our Wine-List and 1 month later, is still the bottle you don’t expect, that make you smile the most. 

So, let’s rise some glasses and drink wine, amazing things will happen.

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