Heating the road!!!

A new Vecchio Mulino Beach was born: VECCHIO MULINO STREETS. We also call it in many different ways. Sometimes is  “Grapes, Spirits & Social Affairs”… others: “Your friendly neighborhood street food!”, only once: “Mini Vecchio Mulino Beach”… or just: “We are on the road!”, screaming out loud.

It feels like falling in love again, but this time is from the streets. And yes, Vecchio Mulino Beach just hit the road with this super vintage Ape model with a kitchen and a cocktail station inside.

Getting married?, we have an idea! Call us and we can bring the Ape with cocktails and appetizers across the church. This can be the most original event you’ve ever had… Making a party? Call us again, and we will provide food and drinks for any unforgettable and original celebration. Opening a new place? Just call!!!

We are proud to announce our presence next weekend, from April 8th until April 11th at the Arsenale di Verona. In Verona City. Address: Piazza Arsenale 8 – 37126 – Verona, Italy. So do not hesitate neither for a minute and pass by to support us and try our super delicatessen all home-made with organic products sandwiches.

Our chef proposes are a choice of fish, meat and vegan… to delight any palate. There are organic wines all around, so you’ll find a good company for your panino.

Our fish recipe consists in a TATAKI TUNA: is a tuna marinated for eight hours in a soy sauce mixed with secret herbs, then served with salad, fresh tomato and wasabi mayonnaise  in a delicious home-made sesame bun. It’s really worth to give it a try!!!

As meat concerns, we have our in house cooked and smoked with whiskey barrels wood, super unforgettable, an explosion of flavors in the mouth: PASTRAMI. We marinate it for three days, then we cook it in low temperature for other three days and after that, because is not as perfect as we like, we smoked it for just three hours.


We serve this super yummy pastrami with caramelized onions, pickles and we flamed the cheese upon request (means always)… all inside our home-made rye bread. In the 90’s Meg Ryan had an orgasm in a restaurant by eating a sandwich like that… 

As last, we have a vegan sandwich served with home-made hummus, roasted peepers (then marinated with extra virgin oil), black olives and flamed vegan cheese.

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Buon Apetito!!! 


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