As the summer turn to an end, so does our season.

It is time to wrap up all that the 2013 was and start thinking about doing better for the 2014.


We are really thankful to all of you that contribute to our success and give us the meanings and enthusiasm to go further with our job and passion.


Following the good advice  of  Albert Heistein, we start a “ Giving Back Program “ and start working with some ONLUS organizations that try to make the world a better place… at least for someone.


We proudly donated part of every bill to Animal Equality, an organization that fight for animals rights and uncover the worst wrongdoings in the food industry.  The lack of compassion toward living beings is one of most disturbing things we ever saw, so we try to tip the balance in the animal favour.

We only plan to increase our support in the next years and collaborations are in place to minimize the impact of our menu on the animal world.


We helped to build structures for drinkable water in Tangau, Africa, making life a bit less complicated for people who struggle every day for the lack of clean water.


We save 4 dogs from euthanasia in Romania, shipping them for adoption overseas ( at the moment i’m writing, the first 5 arrived in italy )


I just wanted to thank you all for giving us the meanings to do this, without your support, your good and bad reviews, and of course, your business, we wouldn’t be able to change a thing.


Fabio Gambini  & Pamela Mondino

Owners of Vecchio Mulino Beach


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