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easter, pasqua

Easter is closer than you may think … and here is our Easter-photo.

An OLD ITALIAN PROVERB says: “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi ” ( spend christmas home, but for Easter, go where you like ), so, In case you pass by Vecchio Mulino Beach this Easter, here is the extra menu for the day:

– Rabbit carpaccio served with asparagus and raspberry dressing
– Shrimp and Tequila risotto, with honey and mandarin
– Argentinian ” asado ” served with a red wine sauce ( this meat is going to be cook at low temperature for the whole night, to assure absolute tenderness )
– Melted chocolate cake with vanilla sauce and Vov liquor

You can pick the plate you like the most, or get the whole menu for 30 €.

You don’t like Easter and it’s menu ? Don’t worry, our regular menu will be there for you: home made pastas, lake fish, tender meat, and healthy huge salads.

[ reservation is raccomanded ] : you can mail, phone, sms, fax or just drop by and choose your table.

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