Coffe and Cups that drive us Nuts

Coffe and Cups that drive us Nuts

What’s to love more than warm coffee when outside is cold and snowy ? 

Sadly to say, the italian coffee industry leave on the illusion that we know how to make coffee better than everyone.  Truth is, nobody really teach you why you do things in a certain way, and the coffee market is pretty much focussed on margins than quality, and we reached a point when what got served is less important that how much it costed. 

Baristas are but a cog in the service industry machine and no credit or training is given to this guys to really understand what they are doing and how they could do it better… and cleaner. 

But what makes a coffee good ? what makes it bad ?  What about that tedious aftertaste that so many cups leave behind ? 

Tired of all of the above, we decided was time to go back to school: we enlisted in the SCAE ( Speciality Coffee Association of Europe ) Italian Program and we pretended to don’t know a thing about coffee while we attended 2 Coffee Camp in Florence, Tuscany. 

As in the best classes, the more you learn, the more you realise you didn’t know that much. 

We enlisted in seminars of:

ROASTING: to know how green coffee get transformed to the flavourful beans we find in our bags and we ended up roasting some pretty good coffee too.. 

SENSORY:  to know how to understand the various flavour profiles of a cup of coffee, so much like a sommelier does with wines but a bit more complicated: coffee does get cold fast ! 

BARISTA: to know how to prepare the best espresso, to enhance flavours and serve the best cappuccino in town.. believe me, espresso machines are the best toys to play with. 

BREWING: because, as a pain as it can be for any italian, only 8% of the world coffee is served as espresso, and we needed to know how others folks enjoy their coffee…

We were lucky, and we got among our professors the best the italian coffee scene can offer: 

Andrej Godina, Marco Cremonesi, Andrea Matarangolo and Simoni Guidi. 

Great passionate guys that took our hands and walked us thru the hidden world of coffee. 

It started with a question about a coffee cup, and became a burning passion of ours ( another one, but who is keeping track anymore… ), and i invite you on this blog, and at our bar, to enjoy the results of such learnings. 


Welcome to  “ COFFEE ROAD “ a new series of posts were we will share our thoughts and tips for better coffee at home and at the bar and to grown awareness about a food product that means so much to entire community of people around the globe, and is prepared in the worst ways by so many professionals in the food industry. 

The devil is in the details, and with few, thoughtful changes to our regular coffee routine we will be able to discover new depths of flavours, and realise the full potential of those fragrant coffee beans. 


so, enjoy your last cup of bad coffee and keep reading

Fabio Gambini 


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