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Because cooking and creating for us is a real passion, we couldn't stop thinking about the idea of making one of the products we use and love the most: "Marmellata". We make all preserves with love and care in Peschiera del Garda, cooking our locally-sourced fruit and veggies gently to retain its flavour and colour for brighter, bolder jams. We focus on provenance, methodology and quality, to bring artisan, natural and high fruit content to the market.

Our marmelades are amazing for toasts, but many of them are also ideal accompaniments for meats, cheeses, cookies, cakes... it's up to your imagination.

You can try many of our products at the restaurant where we use them in our recipes, or just pass by to our shop: La Bottega del Vecchio Mulino Beach.

Most of the recipes in this menu are made using sous vide and slow cooking, we choose to walk this road for different reasons:

First, it's a new toy and we all love playing a little bit. Second, sous vide definitely goes beyond cooking in a bag. It's used for precise, a la minute cooking. When you order a steak medium, that's the temperature in the very center, but the outside it's cooked well done and the next layer is medium-well, etc. But with sous vide cooking, that piece of meat is medium from edge to edge. Traits like the subdole delicacy of the fish meats can shine on a plate after being cooked gently in a confit of extra virgin olive oil. Texture and temperatures can be diferent than what you might expect but we wish you to try them and let the flavours do the talking.

Good cooking is the best way to honour fishes and animals who took part in it and is one of the aspiration whoever came to love this job has in mind. Enjoy!

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