Questo inverno, non perdiamoci di vista:

Il Vecchio Mulino Beach sarà chiuso fino al 23 Marzo 2019. Le nostre porte sono sempre aperte alla bottega " il Peschierificio del Garda " proprio in centro a Peschiera e al Vecchio Mulino Lab, il nostro labororatorio di ricerca e sviluppo di nuove ricette dove terremo corsi di cucina e cene di degustazione con gli Chef. 

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Join us this winter season!

Vecchio Mulino Beach Restaurant will be close untill March, 2019.  Our doors are always open at our shop "Peschierificio del Garda" located by the main entrance of Peschiera del Garda Downtown.Visit our "Cooking Classes" page and reserve a class. Our Lab doors remain open all winter for open classes and dinners with the Chef. Always located at Peschiera del Garda.

Stay Warm & we hope to see you soon!!!

Feel the ocean breeze through your cocktail

With a tropical cocktail in your hand, looking at the turquoise color of the Garda Lake and listening to great music, there is no need to remember what time it is. You are in island time. We have a brand new selection of Polynesian and other masks to fill up your cocktail in… Enjoy TIKI…

Heating the road!!!

A new Vecchio Mulino Beach was born: VECCHIO MULINO STREETS. We also call it in many different ways. Sometimes is  “Grapes, Spirits & Social Affairs”… others: “Your friendly neighborhood street food!”, only once: “Mini Vecchio Mulino Beach”… or just: “We are on the road!”, screaming out loud. It feels like falling in love again, but this time is from…

About Valentine’s day love…

  We wish you a happy Valentine’s day…  we hope you’ll have someone special by your side to share one more moment with, a nice bottle of wine to care for your evening and some good food to go with the mood.  But most of it, remember, we all want you to have a good time and…


Coffee is a serious matter:  it is the second most exchanged product in the world, it grows wild into the forrest or in plantations and get hand picked at best by people who dedicate all their life to it, at worst by machines that prefer quantity over quality.  It can be ” just coffee” or…


GETTING READY TO BRING THE HEAT ON THE STREET NEAR YOU From our kitchen and Cantina to your door the Vecchio Mulino food-fleet is a testament of our passion for good healthy food, natural wines and fine spirits. we hope you enjoy it !